The 2003 Gallery of Big Experiment Medallions

This page features the artwork from the prize medallions awarded to the winners of the events at the Big Experiment of Origins 2003.

The 14th International Icehouse Tournament

Artwork by Petra Mayer

Finalist: Andrew Looney

Finalist: Chris Cieslik

Finalist: Jacob Davenport

Finalist: Liam Bryan

Cooler Than Ice: Yvonne Kelly

Winner: Jacob Davenport

Zendo Tournament

Painting by Alex Bradley

  Winner: Pace Reagan

Finalist: Dan Isaac

Finalist: Ryan McGuire

Finalist: Pace Reagan

Zarcana Tournament

Artwork by Alison and Petra

  Winner: Ross Andrews

Finalist: Pace Reagan

Finalist: Tim Seiger

Finalist: Chris Cieslik

Finalist: Ross Andrews

Gnostica Tournament

Artwork by Dan Efran


  Winner: Jacob Davenport

Finalist: Eric Zuckerman

Finalist: Jacob Davenport

Finalist: Chris Cieslik

Finalist: Jessie Welton

Homeworlds Tournament

Artwork by Dan Efran


Zagami Tournament

Artwork by Andy & Alison

 Martian Chess Tournament

Artwork by Dan Efran

Winner: Jacob Davenport

Winner: Dan Brashler

Winner: Chris Cieslik

RAMbots Tournament

Artwork by Alison

Pikemen Tournament

Artwork by Petra

Volcano Tournament

Artwork by Andy

Winner: Andrew Looney

Winner: Jacob Davenport

Winner: Joshua Drobina

IceTowers Tournaments

Photos by Andrew Looney

Table-top Champ: Jesse Welton

Giant-Sized Champ: Meg Gandy

Aquarius Tournament

Artwork by Andrew Looney

Winner: Noelle Fell

Longest Hair: Meg Gandy

Hair-Down Runner-Up: Grey Dutton
Runner-Up Back-Up: Aly Dutton

Nanofictionary Tournament

Artwork by Alison "Looney" Frane

Winner: Andy Lavery

Finalist: Andy Lavery

Finalist: Scott Colcord

Finalist: Meg Notaro

Cosmic Coasters Tournament

Artwork by Andrew Looney, NASA, and the US Mint

Are You a Werewolf? Tournament

Artwork by Alison "Looney" Frane

Winner: Chris Ballowe

Winner: Steve Hoffman

Fourth Annual Fluxx World Championship

Artwork by Barbara Spegler of AmigoSpiele, from the German Edition

Finalist: Mort Myers

Finalist: Chris Ballowe

Finalist: Kirk Rich

Finalist: Michele Woodward

Finalist: Meg Notaro

Finalist: Christopher Lake

Winner: Michele Woodward

InterTemporal Chrononauts Championship #3

  Winner: Alex Woodruff

Finalist: Meg Gandy

Finalist: John Bruno

Finalist: Kristina Kern

Finalist: Alex Woodruff

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