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National Games Week 2004

How many Experiments can we run in a week?

[For the answer, see the evolving CALENDAR below to get a list of known events.]

Experiments feature 3 or more of these 9 games:

Are You a Werewolf?
Cosmic Coasters

National Games Week™, November 21-27th, is an annual coordinated nationwide promotional campaign to raise awarenss of games as positive, social entertainment. Thousands of game retailers, manufacturers, and other industry organizations will be spreading the word and hosting events.

Participating in National Games Week

Wherever you'll be around Thanksgiving, have fun during National Games Week by incorporating Looney Labs Games!

If any of the above sounds like you, there's a Looney Labs Experiment for your situation!

Read more about Experiments here, to decide which one's right for you!

Calendar of NGW Experiments

Planning on running your own Expriment?
Please email and let us know! Just provide the data for each column below: state, city, type, location, date, time, and Rabbit(s) helping (full names please!). If your event is private we'll just list the state, type, date and Rabbit(s) … the rest we'll mark as "private."

Total Submitted: 25, a few with incomplete info (last updated 2004-11-29)

State City Type Venue Date Time Rabbit(s)
CA Davis Mini Bizarro World Nov. 21
or 24?
tbd Bob Linehan
CA (private) Mini (private) various (private) Laurie Menke
FL Tamarac Mini Past Present Future Nov. 27 2-6 PM Lisa Davis
Ken Esbin
FL Tampa Little Sacred Grounds Coffeehouse Nov. 23 7:30 PM Russell Grieshop, Julie Doble, Maria Galloway, Michael Iacca, Andrea Jackson
GA Atlanta Mini War Room Nov. 21 Noon-4 Amy LoCurto
Roy Wilson?
GA Atlanta Mini Batty's Best Nov. 22 6-9 PM Amy LoCurto
Roy Wilson?
GA Atlanta Mini War Room Nov. 23 7-11 PM Amy LoCurto
Roy Wilson?
GA Fayetteville Mini Mynde Games Nov. 20 Noon Phillip Newbury
IN (private) Mini (private) Nov. 22 (private) Robert Foose
MA Sunderland Mini Phoenix Games Nov. 21 3-7 PM Brian Campbell
MO Columbia Mini Valhalla's Gate Nov. 24 6-8 PM Katie Burton
Madie Schmidt?
NY Brooklyn Mini Kings Games Nov. 26 Noon-6 Nick Festagallo
NY Poughkeepsie Mini Poughkeepsie Galleria Mall Food Court Nov. 20 Noon-5 Jim Dunaway
NY (private) Mini (private) Nov. 27 (private) Jim Dunaway
OH Athens? Mini tbd tbd tbd Tonya Weaver
OR Eugene Mini tbd tbd tbd Chris Ballowe
PA Aliquippa? Mini tbd tbd tbd Eugene Meidinger
PA (private) Mini (private) Nov. 26 (private) Katie Stehle
SC Charleston Mini Green Dragon Nov. 26 11 AM-
7 PM
Scott Suehle, Ruth Suehle
SC Columbia Mini Heroes and Dragons Nov. 27 11 AM-
7 PM
Scott Suehle, Ruth Suehle, Weston Clowney
SD Sioux Falls Mini Dragon's Den Nov. 27
(& Nov. 24?)
Noon Carol Townsend
VA Chantilly Mini Game Parlor Chantilly Nov. 26 10 AM-
6 PM
Shawn Lasseter
WA (private) Mini (private) Nov. 25 (private) Pat Fuller
WI Appleton Little Perkins Nov. 24 8 PM Sam Binder, Kyle Gloede, Paul Schlieter
(UK) Manchester? Mini tbd tbd tbd P Slev

Thanks for playing our games during National Games Week … or anytime!

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