The Londa Tarot

We've played a lot of Zarcana since John invented it back in '96, and we've used quite a few different tarot decks in the process. We have many favorites, but one in particular stands out from the others as the most universally popular. It's the Londa Tarot, and it's our choice for the Official Tarot Deck of Looney Labs. Here's why:

1.) First and foremost, it's just a really attractive deck, with seductive characters and exotic locations. Moreover, this is a long hair enthusiast's ideal tarot deck, since practically everyone depicted in this set of cards is endowed with extraordinarily long hair.

2.) It conforms almost completely to the Rider-Waite standard, with the suits and major arcana possessing their usual names. There's only 1 difference between the contents of this deck and the info on the Zarcana Reference Card: the values for Strength and Justice, 8 and 11, are reversed.

3.) The numbers on the Major Arcana cards aren't in Roman numerals, as they often are in tarot decks.

4.) The Londa Tarot has 2 very nice title cards, one of which just has a character asking the question "Who are you really?" We always use these two cards as the Gateway and the Doppleganger; in fact, John originally cooked up the Doppleganger's power specifically for the Who are you really? card.

Buy it!

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