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Do you like long hair? Really long hair?

We here at Looney Labs are very fond of long hair and we realize it takes years of patience and nurturing to grow hair like this. Pressure from fashion, the hassle of dealing with tangles and the sheer length of it, and just the urge to do something new and exiting with one's appearance all undermine the willpower of those who have grown their hair out.

That's why we are always looking to find ways of encouraging people with long hair (like the rule in Aquarius that lets the longest-haired player go first.) One of the greatest ways to do this is to tell long-haired people how much you appreicate their effort. Unfortunately, this can be difficult when the long-haired person in question is a total stranger.

When someone with really long, luxurious hair turns your head in public, maybe you want to compliment them on their gorgeous tresses, but find yourself too shy to do so. Perhaps you don't want to look like a sleaze, since telling someone, "Your hair is really beautiful," can sound like a come-on.

The Long Hair Compliment Card overcomes these obstacles. With these cards, you can let the card compliment someone on their gorgeous long hair. It contains no other message: it's not an advertisement, and it doesn't have your phone number or e-mail address on it.

The great thing about these cards is that they are smile generators. People who keep their hair long are usually vain about it in their own small way: they think their hair looks nice, but it's always great to hear it from someone else. Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment.

To use the cards, just keep them with you whenever you go out. Then, if you see someone with really great hair, you can just go up and give them a card. Watch as they read the card, linger just long enough to enjoy the smile it creates, smile back, and then move on.

The quick getaway is important. A free and genuine compliment must have no attached strings. Don't write your name on the card, and don't linger, waiting for a response. We've been giving these cards out for years, and our research has shown that the best results come if you simply pay the compliment, and wander away.

If you love long hair, pick up a pack of Long Hair Compliment Cards and make someone's day!

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