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Note: These are the rules from the ICE edition of Fluxx. These are not as recent as the rules included in Version 2.1.

Fluxx Rules of Play


Begin by placing the "Basic Rules" card in the middle of the table and shuffling the rest of the cards. Deal three cards to each player, then decide who will go first. Flip a coin, draw lots, or play rock, paper, scissors-whatever method makes you happiest. Players then take turns clockwise around the table until somebody wins. If the play deck is exhausted, simply shuffle it and continue playing.


1. Draw the number of cards currently required.
2. Play the number of cards currently required.
3. Discard down to the current Hand Limit (if any).
4. Discard Keepers down to the current Keeper Limit (if any).


The first player to satisfy the current Goal immediately wins the game. It makes no difference if a player satisfies a Goal on someone else's turn. The game begins with no Goal in play, so no one can win until someone plays a Goal.


There are four different types of cards which may be played during phase 2 of the Sequence of Play. Each type of card has a different colored bar down the left side of the card.

Basic Rules: This card has an orange bar with a yellow stripe. It is also the only card which has a different card back from all the others. The game begins with this card in play. The Basic Rules are: Draw 1 card per turn, play 1 card per turn. There is no Hand Limit or Keeper Limit at the start of the game. The Basic Rules should never be discarded.

New Rule: New Rule cards have a lemon yellow bar. When a New Rule is played, place it face up in the middle of the table. Discard any previous rules which are contradicted by the New Rule just played, and all players must immediately conform to the New Rule. New Rules can change the number of cards you must draw or play, and can change the allowable Hand Size or Keeper Limit.

Goal: Goals have a bright pink bar. When a Goal is played, place it in the middle of the table. Discard any previous Goal. The game begins with no Goal in play, so no one can win until someone plays a Goal.

Keeper: Keeper cards have a lime green bar. When a Keeper is played, place it on the table in front of you. Various combinations of Keepers, and certain Keepers by themselves, are used to achieve Goals.

Action: Action cards have a blue bar. When an Action card is played, do whatever the card says and then put it in the Trash (discard pile). The Action card, and all cards played because of the Action card are considered one "play." It is possible to play an Action card which has no effect on the game.


All cards are played face up unless otherwise indicated. A discard is not the same as a play in Fluxx. If a card is played, all of the instructions on that card must be followed if at all possible. If a card is discarded, it is placed on the discard pile (the Trash) to no effect.


Each deck of Fluxx contains one blank card. Use it to create your own New Rule, Action, Keeper or Goal.


This is a suggestion only.