How To Tell Fluxx Cards Apart

January 2011

Since many players enjoy mixing cards from one Fluxx deck in with cards from another, here's a guide to the subtle cues we've been including with each verison that allow you to sort the cards back out afterwards.

Original Fluxx: Helvetica Headers

Here you see the top of a card from an original Fluxx deck. The most common way to tell Fluxx cards apart is by looking at the font used for the card type titles. All standard Fluxx cards use good old Helvetica here.

Zombie Fluxx: Crypt Headers

In Zombie Fluxx, the card type headers are in the classic dripping blood font known as Crypt. It should also be noted that the cards you set aside to play Zombie Fluxx without Zombies are marked with a dripping style at the bottom of the stripes.

Martian Fluxx: Amelia Headers

In Martian Fluxx, the card type headers are in 70's sci-fi/computer font called Amelia.

Pirate Fluxx: Windlass Headers

In Pirate Fluxx, the card type headers are in Piratey font called Windlass.


Monty Python Fluxx: Charlemagne Bold Headers

In Monty Python Fluxx, the card type headers are in font called Charlemagne Bold.

Castle Expansion: Charlemagne + Crenellations

The Castle Expansion for Monty Python Fluxx uses the same font, Charlemagne Bold, but also includes a little crenellation on the top of the color stripes.

Stoner Fluxx: Cookie Headers

In Stoner Fluxx, the card type headers are in the 60's style font called Cookie.

Family Fluxx: Uneven Stripes & Line

In Family Fluxx, the card type headers are in Helvetica as usual. Instead the difference is a playful uneveness on the color stripes and the separator line.

EcoFluxx: Patterned Stripes

In EcoFluxx, the card type headers are also in Helvetica as usual. But the stripes have fancy patterns! The Keepers feature leaves, the Goals flowers, the Rules stars, the Actions water droplets, and the Creeper stripes are dried and cracked as if in a drought.



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