Observations about our Market Segment

Results of the Fluxx Consumer Survey, spring 2007

The 48-question Fluxx Consumer Survey was open at SurveyMonkey.com for two months, in March and April of 2007. It garnered 2417 responses from consumers.

Since 87% of these respondents said Fluxx was either a lot of fun, a great game, or their favorite game of all, with only 2.3% saying they don't actually care for it, it must be recognized that this sampling is heavily skewed towards the viewpoints of people who have a positive -- if not extremely positive -- opinion of Fluxx.

Assorted Statistics

To begin with, here's some quantitative data about our main market segment:

Opinion Observations

Moving from statistics to more qualitative comments, we received a wide range of interesting feedback:


Wonderful tidbits of praise were to be found everywhere among the responses to our questions. Here's an un-organized sampling of the joy:

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