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13 Characters In Search Of A Time Machine

Welcome to the Lost Identities Nanofiction Contest Voting Page! This fall, we will be releasing an expansion for Chrononauts consisting of a pack of a dozen new Identity cards, to be mixed in with the existing set to add more personalities to the game. These new characters will feature 55-word short stories written by fans of the game, who sent in 85 entries for us to choose from. The original designer of the game will make the final decision on which stories will be used on cards, but not before listening to lots of people's opinions. These pages were set up to collect those opinions, and will linger here long after we announce the winners.

Here you will find all of the stories we received. We want to know which are your 5 favorites, and if you want, you can give us a Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, or So-So on each of the stories. You have several options for viewing them and for providing your feedback to us:

Please note that you are only voting on the stories, not on any victory conditions which may or may not be included with the entry. The target years assigned to each character will be worked out after the winners are determined.

For those who may be interested, we've preserved the original contest announcement page.

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