Search, Ponder, and Play!

Search, Ponder, and Play! is a card game designed by Andrew Looney and published by Covenant Communications, under license from Looney Labs.

Search, Ponder, and Play! is based on the Looney Labs card game Aquarius. It's just as much fun as Aquarius because it has the same rules -- just with a different artwork and a new title.

Search, Ponder, and Play! is a slightly Mormon-oriented card game. Covenant Communications is a publisher whose mission is to provide the best products possible to the LDS market, include card games. The Mormon theming for this game appears in the names assigned to the 5 Elements, which appear on the Search (aka Goal) cards:

Blue: Old Testament
Yellow: New Testament
Red: Pearl of Great Price
Green: Doctrine & Covenants
Purple: Book of Mormon

Search, Ponder, and Play! has one other difference from Aquarius: it comes with a pad of Score Sheets and extra rules instructing the players to keep score through multiple rounds until someone wins with one of each of the five victory elements.

Since this game is produced in cooperation with Looney Labs, Search, Ponder, and Play! is for sale at our website as well as directly from Covenant Communications.

Here's what the cards look like:

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