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1999 Roster of Future Time Travelers

Andrew Looney one day This is the date of the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium, which coincided with the New York World's Fair of 1964-65. I'd like to see them both!
August 15, 1965 just visiting
Flushing Meadows, New York  

Gina Mai Denn one day I want to see the Beatles Perform live at the Cavern Club, in their earlier, rougher days. I'd try to meet them. And who knows what else. (I've chosen this particular date only because it is a date I have for certain they were playing, it is the date Brian Epstein first went to see them perform. I'd rather go in the spring, so if I ever find out some other date before I win I'll change it! But the general intention is the same.)
November 9, 1961 just visiting
Vicinity of the Cavern Club, Liverpool, England  

Kristin Matherly one day Just to see what was really happening and to get to watch an early solstice celebration, if there was one.
Summer Solstice, 2358 B.C. just visiting
Stonehenge, England  

Andrew Plotkin one day I don't know what they'll be doing to celebrate the Centenary. Maybe watching the first people walk on Mars, or dedicating the first *permanent* Lunar settlement, or kicking in hyperdrive for the first time. Or maybe just a big retrospective on the Space Age -- no way to predict. It won't be a big *scientific* event, that's for certain. It'll be something which was set for that date for publicity reasons. But publicity got us to the Moon the first time; so I figure it's a good bet for whatever we do next. And the Centenary is a hell of a publicity date.
July 20, 2069 just visiting
anywhere in USA  

Robin Vinopal one day I want meet Jesus and see if what's been written about him is accurate just to satisfy my own personal curiosity.
The First Palm Sunday, 33 A.D. just visiting

Michael Hickey one day This was the last day that Mohandas K. Gandhi lived. I am not sure why his last day, but for some reason it seems right to choose this day to meet him and to say goodby. Gandhi put it to words much of what I believed as a young man (16-17). It was not until I saw the movie about Gandhi that I really spent anytime organizing my thoughts about people and how they should treat on another. Gandhi is famous for his thoughts about non-violence and the use of non-violent disobedience to end oppression. His beliefs were really much broader than this. He was a teacher of both religious and social tolerance and fought to eliminate the cast system from India's culture. I would like to have been there before his death, to have met him and him know the effect his words had on me.
January 30,1948 just visiting
New Delhi, Birla House  

Jacob Davenport one day Sit in on the last supper, to see what the most famous man in history was really like.
Passover, 33 AD just visiting

Doug Gaerlan one way

to photographically document the 52nd street jazz scene beginning around the time of miles davis' arrival in new york and in charlie parker's see and hear bird, dizzy, miles, mingus, coltrane, etc...

...and just to be there and dig it...

spring 1946 change stuff
52nd st. new york city  

Chuck Field one day Wow. What a fu---. Umm... what a really strange work, "The Wall." screwy animations projected onto styrofoam brick walls... man... What I'd give to go back to that night...
Whenever it took place. just visiting
The Original Live Concert presentation
of Pink Floyd's, "The Wall."

Donovan Chase one day I'm kind of curious to see if the new millenial dome that is being built will actually chime again.
11:59PM 31 DEC 2999 just visiting
The Millenial Dome, U.K.  

John Cooper one day Trite as it may seem, I get dibs on the dinosaurs. While checking out a famous idol like Shakespeare, Houdini, or Emperor Norton has some risk of disappointment, there is no way I could be displeased after seeing and hearing animals that have so far remained vague broken skeletons and footprints in rock -- Hollywood notwithstanding. I want to hover (in my time machine, of course) above giant redwoods with the circling pterodactyls, while brachiosaurs plod by below, watched perhaps by stalking tyrannosaurs. And I want to see real, live sea monsters, too. It's going to be one busy day.
85 million years ago just visiting
Northwest United States  

Kristin Looney one day I was working at Goddard Space Flight Center the day that Challenger blew up. We were watching it on NASA Select, the internal closed circuit NASA news feed. I've never experienced anything else like it. It felt as if myself and everyone around me suddenly felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if 7 voices had suddenly cried out and been suddenly silenced. (I'm guessing it was a lot like the way groups of people felt together the day Kennedy was shot, but I wasn't alive then.) Anyway, I want to go back two days before the Challenger accident and see if I can get the right people to listen to me and talk them into scrubbing the launch.
Jan 26, 1986 change stuff
Kennedy Space Flight Center, Cape Canaveral  

Ginohn Cooperdenn one day OK, first we'll walk past Mark David Chapman on the street, and say (in unison), "Mark, God says don't kill John Lennon. He says you'll go to Hell if you do." Chapman was a very religious guy, see. If that doesn't work, we'll call the cops and say Mark Chapman was waving a gun and threatening to kill Lennon. If that doesn't work, we'll find him at his appointed rendezvous, shoot him in the kneecaps, and take his gun. Suffice it to say: we will stop that maniac. Then we'll ask John for an autograph.
December 8th, 1980 change stuff
Vicinity of the Dakota Building, NYC  

Bruce Preston one day Okay, it may sound odd that I'm going to the future to change history - but there's a method in my madness. Given there's a good chance that a lot of the major diseases will be cured in the future, I think bringing them back and changing the present is a good idea. I'm only going to go forward a hundred years though. Any more than that and I could easily end up with medicines it's impossible to produce just now.
100 years in the future change stuff
A good medical library  

Darcy Klasna one day I would like to see if there was really a Robin Hood. If there is, I would like to meet him.
twelfth century just visiting
Sherwood, Great Britian  

Carl Muckenhoupt one day The idea here is that if I can just hand myself all the work I did in the intervening week, I'll be able to spend the week goofing off instead.
last week change stuff
the office  

Mike Whitman one day I want to see the beginning of the Universe, and I want to be able to videotape it. Of course, I would want some assurance that the vehicle I was traveling could survive the violence of the event. If I possible I'd like to pick up Einstein on the way back, so I'd have someone to explain what i was seeing. Maybe I should take Stephen Hawking or Carl Sagan to explain to me what Einstein is explaining.
The Beginning of Time just visiting
The Big Bang or Creation whichever it was  

Bethany Ramirez one day The initial impulse is to go back and warn Kennedy, but first I'd like to travel there a few times to unravel all the conspiracies and see who *really* dunnit. It would be fascinating to come back, write a book on what I now know *really* happened, but just toss it out there with other people's theories and see how credible people find it. Then I'd try to see if there's a way I could change history and save his life.
11/22/63 just visiting
Dallas, Texas  

Eric Zuckerman one day All I want to do is slash a set of four tires. "I don't know what to say, Mr. President. Guess we'll have to take the hardtop." I don't know whether this would also change the fates of RFK and MLK, but the Unholy Trinity of 60's assassinations are kind of linked in my mind, so I'd like to think that this would ripple through to all three.
Friday, November 22, 1963 change stuff
Dallas, Texas  

James Gurnee one day To go and buy Icebreaker for the Mac while it's easily available ('cause I found out about it too late, sometime in 1996-97).
Early 1996 just visiting
A computer store somewhere in the USA  

Rash one way My usual choice in a time-travel fantasy is going Back to just before any number of key incidents in my past, for a history-changing conference with myself. But the literature teaches us that trips like this never work out, so instead I would go back about a century, to a small town in America, arriving in the middle of a summer night.
1899 just visiting
a small town in the USA  
Assumption: the transport would work only on my my body, so I'd arrive naked, Terminator-style. Dealing with my chronic asthma would be a problem; I'd hope for the cleaner air being a curing tonic. The other problem would be my poor vision - pre-journey LASIK corrective surgery would be a requirement. This guy makes a convincing argument to go back a little further, in order to hear Van Gogh preach, but I think a century would be just about right. Being a soft late-20th-century American, I wouldn't want to go back to too uncomfortable an era, so 1899 would probably be tolerable. My motivation would be to experience an America unspoiled by industry, and I'd really like to see the chestnut trees. I doubt that I'd be able to simulate the skills of a tradesmen, but if I could figure out a way to make money then, I'd go traveling - sure like to visit pre-earthquake San Francisco (I could maybe even get sushi in Japantown), and knowing the date I'd be able to evacuate just in time. Another assumption would be the trip Back would take an enormous amount of energy, and be somewhat unpredictable, a la The Door into Summer. Therefore it would definitely be a one-way - I'd view the journey as retiring into the past. Unfortunately my late-20th-century mannerisms and knowledge would probably get me into some quick trouble, so this journey could very well be cut short by some hostile reaction from the natives.

Elliott C. "Eeyore" Evans one day I'd take my parents out to dinner and find out what they were like before they had to act like parents.
1966 just visiting
Paducah, Kentucky, USA  

Todd Sudbrink one day Identify and thwart the actions of "Jack the Ripper". Preferably through the process of retrophrenology, however multiple copper-plated high-velocity lead injections would suffice.
Night of Aug. 31 - Morning of Sept. 1, 1888 change stuff
Bucks Row, Whitechapel, London  

Don O'Brien one day Curious if humans in 8 thousand years will have a Y10K problem.
December 31, 9999 just visiting
any friendly civilization  

Marc Moskowitz one day I may need to bring along a lot of technology for this one. I'm going to get copies of as much of the contents of the Library of Alexandria as possible. I'll probably bring a list of what we have, and whatever I see that's been lost, I'll scan it and bring the file back with me. So I'm technically just visiting, but making a significant difference in the state of world literature when I return.
49 BCE change stuff
Alexandria, Egypt  

Lance Nathan one day This wasn't easy at all! So many impulses--as a linguist, I'd love to take a tape recorder back to the Tower of Babel, for instance.
However, I figure that what I can do to get the best trip is wait and see what everyone else submits, see what's by far the most deserving...and then go back and submit that myself before they did.
See, that way, I get what I know to be the best trip; and in a sense, this has to be, by definition, most deserving, since it contains the most deserving trip within it.
Or else I need to get more sleep.
Start of this contest change stuff

Withheld (for fear of zealots) one day I'd kidnap Jesus and show him the fruits of his work today - bookburners, Pro-life Assassins, and expose him to all kinds of religious fascism that is done is his name. After he's done whipping ass on all the people who are making him look so bad, I'd buy him a pepsi, and send him back home. When I get back here, I'd pick up a copy of the bible to see if it had more clarifications on the vague stuff.
Israel AD 20 change stuff
A Near East Kingdom  

Jennifer L Smith one day

I want to ask him WHY he left his wife the second best bed in his will. Yes, it's trivial. Yes, it doesn't matter. But yes, I'm really, /really/ curious. Then I'd tell him that his plays will be famous for, like, forever, and /millions/ of school kids are going to have to read them and a lot of them will hate every minute of it. Who knows, maybe that will cheer him up.

Oh yeah, and then I'll ask him for a copy of a play that was never finished, and I'll hide it, and then when I come back I'll "discover" it, and become rich and famous. Or at least a moderately well-known in academic circles person with pocket money.

day Shakespeare died just visiting
place Shakespeare died  

Tara Cotty one way Well, I would pick the day John Lennon was shot if it wasn't already chosen...but that's definitely the obvious choice, if you want to change history.
February 7, 1964 just visiting But instead, I'll pick probably one of the happiest days in history. I've always felt I did not belong to my generation. I was meant to be around for the 60's, it's all in my nature. The "give peace a chance," "all you need is love" mentality of course didn't really start until the late 60's, but this was definitely when the seed was planted. America was in dire need of an escape from the awful mood the country was in since JFK's assasination. 4 wonderful Lads from Liverpool descended from a Pan-Am airplane on JFK Internation aiport on February 7, 1964. The entire country was transfixed on these fascinating, talented boys. Finally their minds were occupied with something alot less bleak. Something totally joyous. Life was restored because of the energy and excitement this band called the Beatles brought with them. Their humor, wit, raucous beat and unforgettable melodies held the country's attention. I missed this phenomenal moment. They were something entirely new, almost shocking. The world stood up on its ears simply because these lads were the type to say and do what they please without thought of judgement from others (well for image's sake, it was tamed, but the attitude was there). No one had ever seen anything like it. And it was actually adored! From this moment on, our culture was greatly transformed. It was now about being who you were and being happy with it. It was about acceptance. No one knew this at the time, of course. Granted, the 60's weren't all that great all the time. But the idea behind it was right. Make love not war. All You Need is Love. Give Peace a Chance. When John, Paul, George and Ringo began their stronghold on the States, it was only the beginning. This was the turning point. Imagine a time when you could turn on the news, and the biggest headline was about a young band with long hair driving teenagers wild! What a special time. Everything was new. Everything was shocking. People began to embrace change. I want to stay in the 60's from that moment on. I want to be there for Ed Sullivan, Shea Stadium, each album and it's release. I want to be in a time and place where I feel I belong.
New York City

Matt Ryan one day

I'd like to go back in time to the day after I submitted this entry, and have a nice long chat with myself across the decades. History will get all the changing it {needs/will tolerate}, but I will be part of it for a long, long time -- I could make an even greater difference in the world by becoming a more advanced individual earlier on.

To put it another way, I could use some encouragement! I'd like for my future self to come back and say, "You're doing great, your natural way of living will lead you to and beyond your dreams, you will have wonderful relationships, you will be a healer to hundreds and a teacher to thousands!" Most of me believes that already, but I'm still a few manifestations shy of being a Force To Be Reckoned With as I stride down that path, and I'm tempted to fiddle with my psyche because I'm not finding the companionship I need.

Note to self: if terrible things happen, I don't want to hear it. Good (true) news only. There'll be no getting obsessed with avoiding my fate and ending up bringing it about -- I don't do irony.

The neat thing is, I'll know tomorrow if I'll be the eventual winner! I'll keep it to myself though, wouldn't want to ruin the fun for others. Thank you, Looney Labs!

Tomorrow (9/8/99 as of this writing) just visiting
my apartment  

Karl Seibert one day I want to hear (well the vacuum might be a problem with this) Neil Armstrong's famous words "One small step for man, one giant... Buzz who the hell is that out there. Does he look like a Russian?"
July 20, 1969 change stuff
Mare Tranquillitatis  

Tim Showalter one day Wild Bill Hickock was shot holding black aces over black eights in a poker game, forever to be known as the "Dead Man's Hand". There is dispute over the fifth card, which may have been the five or nine of diamonds, but it's not known. I'd like to find out.
August 2, 1876 A.D. just visiting
Deadwood, Dakota Territory, USA  

Jake Wildstrom one day I'd like to attend a day of Brian Wilson's Smile sessions and try to learn the exact cause and nature of its failure.
Late 1966 just visiting

Kyle Strimbeck one day I'd go to The Residents 13th Anniversary Show and steal one of the eyeball heads before somebody else got to it! Muwahahha! Also, I would steal the green one since it's cooler.
December 26, 1985 change stuff
Hollywood Palace  

Melissa Plotkin one day I want to find out who REALLY killed the Princes in the Tower (Edward V and Richard of York) and if their murder was ordered by Richard III. It would also be interesting to see what King Richard looked like, since there is some debate about whether he was actually a hunchback.
late summer 1483 just visiting
London, England  

K one day I'd like to look forward and see what our descendants look like, and how they live. And then, of course, bring back all of their technology, and live through the thousand years in between.
CE 3000 change stuff
Capital city of Earth  

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