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F.Scott Cooper

F.Scott Cooper is a typical ninth child. Realizing he was last in line for any inheritance, he decided to do what younger brothers have done for centuries. He joined the military in search of fame and fortune. Failing to find either, he now spends his time at the Air Force Academy sleeping, eating, fencing, and studying (in that order of importance). When not engaged in these activities he is probably busy wheedling his way out of trouble. Oh yeah, he writes occasionally and dares to call the result a poem.


The Space Under The Window by F.Scott Cooper

John Cooper

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John Cooper is this mostly unknown entity who means no harm to this planet and spends most of his time playing with rubber bands, or just thinking about rubber bands and the neat things that one can do with rubber bands. In his other spare time he enjoys worshipping Gina, climbing trees and rocks, writing poetry, playing with dogs and rubber bands, performing open-origami surgery, arguing with popes, riding motorcycles with his clothes on, walking through walls, communing with dead cats, kissing naughty bits, finding palindromes, watching his personal identity wrestle the universe, quaffing coffee, worshipping the sacred chao, inventing games, staring at cereal boxes and bottle caps, giving money to witches, and stretching rubber bands.

The Space Under The Window by John Cooper

William Cooper

The Space Under The Window by William Cooper

Jake Davenport

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Jacob first learned to solve the Rubik's cube from a book when he was 10, the solution by layers, and he got pretty good at it. One girl in his 6th grade class kept messing up her cube and giving it to him to solve. She had a crush on him. He liked solving the cube as fast as possible and couldn't care less about the girl. Typical. At age 26 he had forgotten how to solve it completely, so he asked for Kristin's help. She showed him her method, solving first the corners and then the sides, which made much more sense than solving by layers. She even gave him a cube with which to practice. While waiting for John Cooper to take his turn in Arcana, he used some of Kristin's 100 cubes to spell out "Rubik's Cube" and shortly found his small artistic niche at Wunderland.

The Space Under The Window by Jake Davenport

Greykell Dutton

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Greykell Dutton hates writing in the third person, therefore...

I've always been fascinated by the heroic way humans stand up to their oppresors and the way that some folks can live through horrific abuse and still turn out to be really neat people. I have been creating and torturing characters since I was old enough to have an imagination. If I knew where I got my ideas from, I'd probably be very frightened.

I have a great husband, Rick, and 3 kids: Kat, Nik, and Aly. Not one of us has ever been stuffed into a windowbox by an abusive parent...really!

The Space Under The Window by Greykell Dutton

Jason Etheridge

Jason's friends think his little artwork demonstrates a profound lack of technical skills with the medium...

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The Space Under The Window by Jason Etheridge

Alison Frane

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The Space Under The Window by Alison Frane

Phyllis Holtzen


Phyllis Holtzen is Kristin's grandmother. The teddy bear in the picture was given to her by Kristin after she told Kris how sorry she was that her mother had thrown out her "dirty old" teddy bear when she was about 8 years old. Phyllis has enjoyed painting off and on for many years. She helped Kristin with some of her first creative art projects. She was trying to decide what to paint next when the Space Under the Window project began. Being an elementary school teacher for more than 20 years made Phyllis a perfect grandmother, and she communicates regularly via email with children and grandchildren all over the country. How many other 84-year-olds have a picture on the internet?

The Space Under The Window by Phyllis Holtzen

Suzyn Jackson


Suzyn Jackson has lived in Vancouver, Houston, La Jolla, Dallas, Toronto, Dallas, New Fairfield, Ridgefield, Toronto, Amherst, New York City, Amherst, Toronto, New York City, Toronto, Framingham, and now Boston. Her hair is currently fiction, too, although hers is the color of a nice Chardonnay.

The Space Under The Window by Suzyn Jackson

S P Kidwell


S.P. Kidwell is Greykell's little sister. No, she wasn't stuffed in a box in the space under the window either. But after submitting her entry and reading Greykell's she admits it does appear they are depressing people.

Actually S.P. is almost as cheerful as Greykell. Her hobbies are Cub Scouting (Summer camp is great fun with BB gun's and bow & arrow being the favorites), writing, amusing the kids, and avoiding house work. If truth were known the space under the window hasn't been cleaned in more than two months. Every time the books are picked up, Jimmy Grey pulls them back down the next morning. Why fight gravity and a two year old terrorist. (The bushes, however, have been cut.) S.P. works full time and does often over schedule her time.

The Space Under The Window by S P Kidwell

Marina Kiriyeva

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Marina Kiriyeva, currently attending Lafayette College, is pursuing a BS degree in Computer Science. She saw a computer for the first time when she was 13 and it was love at first sight. Ever since then, she wants to be near a computer and doing things with a computer. She is very interested in Computer Graphics, Animation and VRML. Whenever she is not doing her homework, in her spare time she is religiously watching The X-Files, creating VRML worlds and spiritually seeking her thesis topic.

The Space Under The Window by Marina Kiriyeva

Andrew Looney

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Andrew Looney is many things. He is a game designer (Icehouse, Icebreaker, Fluxx, Aquarius), a computer programmer (he wrote some flight software for the Hubble Space Telescope), a writer, a photographer, a techno-hippie, an organizationalist, a long hair worshipper, a chocolate enthusiast, a cat lover, a Kristin lover, an artist, a time traveller, a pyramid fancier, a non-conformist, a free thinker, a creative dynamo, a collector of odd objects, and a liberal. He also just happens to be the Emperor of the Universe. If you want to know more about the way his mind works, just take a look inside his brain.

The Space Under The Window by Andrew Looney

Kristin Looney

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Back in college, Kristin spent several years scrawling the words 'The Space Under The Window' onto walls under windows whenever she got the chance. She found that Adults seemed to usually have enough furniture to cover up all the best spaces - and just didn't quite understand when they noticed what she was up to... although most of them never noticed. Today, even tho her friends are a far cry from your classic adult, they are no longer starving college students either and the spaces under their windows almost always seem to be covered up. Time passes.

Kristin once wrote a short story on a couch, but that is another story.

The Space Under The Window Project by Kristin Looney
The Space Under The Window by Kristin Looney

Jenny Lynch

Jenny Lynch appeared with her family on the front page of the September 16, 1971 "Catholic Standard" and has 42 first-cousins. She has ventured cross-country and into Canada on her Suzuki GS500 and once contemplated motercycling across Siberia. Though she is usually quieter than a tree, she speaks French without an American accent and has a degree in Russian Studies still rolled up in its mailing tube in a closet somewhere at home. She tends to write only when tragedy strikes, and then darkly.

Post Office Box 226
Chesapeake Beach, MD 20732

The Space Under The Window by Jenny Lynch

Claire Miller


Claire Miller is Managing Editor at Ranger Rick magazine, a nature magazine for kids. She thinks this new-fangled web publishing is really cool. "Right now (in April) I'm researching and writing stories for our October issue," she says. "It takes us more than six months from start to finish to get each article printed. It's rather nice for a change to write a story one night and see it published the next morning!"

Claire has had more than 100 magazine articles published for kids and adults. She also enjoyed teaching second grade for 12 years. She likes watching birds, hanging out with her husband, and getting lots of e-mail from her kids and mom. Someday she'd like to publish a book that pays royalties, just to see what it's like.

The Space Under The Window by Claire Miller

Sandy Miller

The Space Under The Window by Sandy Miller

Lee Moyer

The Space Under The Window by Lee Moyer
The Space Under The Window by Lee Moyer
The Space Under The Window by Lee Moyer

Jessica Ney-Grimm

Just about what you might expect: taking walks, practicing yoga, designing the boards of board games and the cards of card games, inventing garments but never sewing them, playtesting things such as Elrond's House, making lists in categories of interest to her only (spinning wheels, bobbins, nettles, and princesses), and trying to find the way with heart. Such are the events that typically occupy Jessica's stream of consciousness. And writing the oh-so-occasional poem. Of course.


The Space Under The Window by Jessica Ney-Grimm

Andrew Plotkin

Andrew Plotkin is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and the House of Everything. He cannot dance, paint with oils, write novels, fly, compose music, have a birthday party on the Moon, or make a living writing computer games. He appears to be a human being; the sentient-rutabaga theory has now been entirely debunked.

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The Space Under The Window by Andrew Plotkin

Teddy Ray


Teddy Ray is a 19 year old college student from GA. He enjoys listening to all types of music, watching movies, playing tennis and playing cards. He's an active member in his church youth group and he spends most of free time staring mindlessly at his computer screen!

The Space Under The Window by Teddy Ray

Mick Sonesen

Email Mick was born in 1967 in a small city on the western coast of Japan. In the early 70's his family moved to the U.S., where he was exposed to funk music and cartoons. Despite his submission, he is completely against anything Gothic, Vampiric or anything that is cool in a self-absorbed sort of a way. In his own words: "Gothic is about barbarism and a lack of scientific knowledge, Vapirism is about parasitic attachment to something better than you are, and if I hear one more teenage toughguy use the word 'abyss' to describe his feelings..." He also is the current cat wrangler of the largest domestic cat on Earth.

The Space Under The Window by Mick Sonesen

Julia C. Tenney

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Julia secretly doesn't read poetry. She does sometimes adopt that poetic sense of futility over humanity's meager existence. (It goes so well with black). Her allegations of being an "Artist" are currently best expressed in her postcards. When she feels too stagnant, she remembers that if she were "going places", she wouldn't have any time to travel. She hopes eventually to have an office with a window, as well as the space under it.

The Space Under The Window by Julia C. Tenney
The Space Under The Window by Julia C. Tenney

Jeff Whelan

Jeff Whelan is this really cool guy that Kristin went to high school with. Pathologically terrified of things like class reunions , few actually know what really happend to Jeff after high school, but rumors abound. Among them: a.) that 10 months after graduation he ran off to Miami and hooked up with a carnival with which he worked and travelled up & down the east coast for 7 months, b.) that he then returned to DeKalb where he discovered a career in special education, c.) that in 1985 he became a Deadhead, d.) that 4 years later he packed everything he owned into a '74 VW microbus and moved to San Francisco where he met Avalon, his Feline Familiar, and continued his work in sp. ed. in spite of the earthquake, e.) that after 3 yrs. of the Bay Area Blissed-Out Blues he returned to DeKalb and picked up his old job without missing a beat, f.) that he there met Amy Cassidy, the most beautiful and remarkable woman in the Universe, g.) that he finally came to his senses and married her on the Summer Solstice in '96, h.) that after all these years, he still keeps a journal of poetry and life happenings, still acts in at least one community theater production a year and that he still has yet to finish his opus, Space Orville (but he's working on it... occassionally), i.) that Jeff, Amy, Avalon, Pookie and Zabooka are busy living happily ever after without a web site and, finally, j.) that all of the rumors, and then some, are true.

The Space Under The Window by Jeff Whelan
The Space Under The Window by Jeff Whelan

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